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Arcade Games - Puzzle
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News & Events
Tasos is the new Starship Legend champion!
19:39, 29th Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Mission To Mars champion!
19:08, 29th Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Rabbit Hunter champion!
16:55, 29th Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Mosquito Kill champion!
16:51, 29th Nov 2015
Tasos is the new Curveball champion!
14:34, 29th Nov 2015
Arcade Champions
1st Tasos with 16 awards.
2nd FRICTION with 15 awards.
3rd Blue_King with 9 awards.
4th tahirahussain8 with 4 awards.
5th irfanmirza with 2 awards.
Latest Scores
Shabana Yasmin scored 90 playing Candy Tetris.
maliktaimoorabbas scored 18 playing Magic Ball.
maliktaimoorabbas scored 412 playing Aski.
maliktaimoorabbas scored 1,606 playing Aski.
maliktaimoorabbas scored 1,177 playing Aski.
Recent Challenges
Curveball maliktaimoorabbas Vs. RED DRAGON
12885 - 12790
Chopper Challenge LaZy PrInCeSs Vs. zain razay
16 - 227
Tetris Night Jasmine Vs. zain razay
1192 - 268
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